How to improve your fleet’s management process

Your fleet is your capital. Therefore, your interest in improving its management process to meet professional standards designed within the system positively impacts the running of a business, productivity, and revenue generation. This effect is further reflected in the performance of fleet personnel, from managers to employees like technicians and drivers. The impact also contributes to an increase in the efficiency of the vehicles and benefits from the resources and energies that spearhead business processes. On the contrary, failing to manage your fleet will negatively affect the company’s productivity, revenues, and the performance of drivers, plus their cars. This would result in a waste of time, energy, resources, and money

The fleet maintenance system at Carefer Fleet offers you several distinguished options to improve the maintenance of your vehicles, from the use of fuel, through the operational cost, to the safety of the fleet. This is done by tracking your data with the support of a specialized fleet supervisor. The expert is well-equipped to help you manage your fleet effectively. The goal is to ensure that you implement all the necessary interventions and execute the correct procedures at the right time to fulfil your commercial and operational purposes

The responsibility of maintaining fleet vehicles falls on fleet supervisors. They help estimate the operational costs and repair expenses to allow you to plan your budget much better. Also, you will be able to execute your plans, maintenance, and repairs regularly by preparing a well-structured timetable or schedule. The fleet supervisors can also offer support by providing you with solutions specially designed to manage a fleet, assist in the choice of vehicles, increase the company’s productivity, and analyse your fleet’s performance. Carefer Fleet has an extensive and integrated system well-suited for managing a fleet of cars in Saudi Arabia

You can now improve your fleet management by subscribing to the management system offered at Carefer Fleet to access necessary support from a specialized fleet supervisor. These are the solutions we provide to improve your fleet management operations:

Planning and Consultancy

Preferably, the management operation of a fleet should start with consultancy and planning. This will help you assess the performance of your current fleet. It is also an opportunity for you to develop a plan to enable you to enhance your vehicles’ efficiency.

Testing and Measurement

It is crucial to ensure that your fleet is well-suited to achieve the expected results. At Carefer Fleet, we are highly experienced in the currently available cars. We often gauge them by checking their range, efficiency, and load. Therefore, as soon as we understand your business needs, we can speedily provide you with a perfectly matching fleet.

Multiple Services

If you are searching for technical support to monitor the performance of your fleet, drivers, roads, and cars, Carefer Fleet has a perfect solution. Our fleet management system is leading in the market, equipping us to analyze various factors, including drivers’ behaviour through their average speed, route analysis, and car performances.

Whether you have a considerable fleet of cars or own a small number of vehicles in your fleet and want to manage them, we use the best practices to manage the fleet to help reduce costs and ensure that the safety of the fleet is of utmost priority.

If you want to control a fleet in your company, we can help by training you on how to do it effectively. However, if you want to manage a fleet yourself, we at Carefer Fleet will be delighted to offer the necessary assistance and support.

Service, Maintenance, and Repair

One of the most prominent challenges in managing a fleet is maintaining its performance, so it will be ready to work competently on the road. This is essential to achieve success in your work. At Carefer Fleet, we have a network of more than 900 workshops for repairs and spare parts in nine cities in and around Saudi Arabia. These workshops provide services in the fastest way possible. We will also send you notifications and alerts when the time of service for your fleet is due so that you can plan and ensure the maintenance of your cars.

Analyses of Performance

At Carefer Fleet, we have an intelligent and advanced system that collects data and presents them to you in clear and detailed reports. This will help your company work more competently and plan its future. Using the latest technology, we can assess the car’s performance and driver’s data, ensuring that the fleet works well for you now and in the future.

Management of a Car’s Lifecycle

The management system of the vehicles at Carefer Fleet provides notifications and alerts to remind you which vehicle in your fleet is closer to becoming worn out. That way, you will hurry to change or replace it with another car. At Carefer Fleet, we also offer an extensive system that is the best and most competent among operators of other fleets in Saudi Arabia. The goal is to help every customer achieve their commercial and operational needs

What is the maintenance of a fleet of vehicles?

Maintaining a fleet of vehicles is a regular/annual operation meant to maintain and repair cars, sustaining their highest quality and performance. This way, it will run on the road for the longest time possible without facing any sudden breakdowns. This regular maintenance will allow you to execute your tasks effectively to attract increased profits. Thus, your success must align with your fleet maintenance and timely repairs

The maintenance system of a fleet of vehicles is not limited to dealing with problems after they emerge. Preventative maintenance must be highly emphasized. You will receive notifications and alerts from fleet management as to when the time is due for the maintenance of your vehicles. All this will help avoid faults/breakdowns that could occur in the middle of the road and evade frequent stoppages, accidents, or violations of specific rules. This linkage and communication between the fleet’s maintenance and the fleet’s management save you time and put you at ease. The reason is that maintenance is not done only when necessary and needed but consists of frequent operations linked to a fully integrated system that knows how to manage the fleet. This system provides you with a detailed account and reports about your vehicles and the required maintenance, tests, or repairs. It also connects you to a vast network of service providers, workshop owners, and spare parts shops to access all the solutions and services across the KSA.

At Carefer Fleet, we also offer fleet maintenance services through a state-of-art system that will help support your business and manage your fleet in the most preferred way.

?What are the benefits of fleet maintenance

You can enjoy many benefits when maintaining your own fleet of vehicles through Carefer Fleet. The primary ones include

Improving Car Performance

Annual maintenance of cars in your fleet guarantees them to run on the road for the most extended period without facing problems. It also increases the car engine’s performance, ensuring it runs optimally. Maintenance is also helpful to keep your fleet in the best working condition. This will allow you to meet your client’s needs. Also, suppose you know the fuel consumption of your fleet through the regular maintenance of the vehicle. In that case, this means that you prioritize the fleet’s safety, and this is only possible with the assistance of your fleet supervisor at Carefer Fleet.

Enhancing Driver Safety

Keeping the vehicles of your fleet in good condition through maintenance, and ensuring the safety of your car on the road, will make you contended about the safety of drivers. Undoubtedly, taking care of their safety and comfort is one of the most critical human considerations that widely benefit a company. The goal is to motivate drivers to sustain higher performance at work, executing all duties with prowess to help the company achieve its short-term and long-term goals.

At Carefer Fleet, we can help ensure the driver’s safety through regular training until they understand all the new styles and adjustments to cars. This will help reduce the costs of maintenance and repairs of your fleet vehicles.

Managing Stock and Parts

At Carefer Fleet, fleet supervisors are well-suited to help you improve your fleet to ensure constant productivity. The tools of fleet operations can monitor your stock and parts to ensure that all your vehicles are ready for repair as soon as possible in the case of an accident. Preventative maintenance is considered an essential part of managing the fleet of cars. Having many skilful technicians and training the available staff, plus the availability of tools and required parts can prevent vehicles from breaking down for a long time. This way, you do not have to do costly repairs.

Saving Time and Money

Suppose you are careful about the regular maintenance of your fleet at Carefer Fleet which has a network of more than 900 workshops for repair and spare parts in and around KSA. In that case, you can feel confident that your vehicles will run for more extended periods with fewer stoppages in the process—unfortunately, more out-of-service cars in a fleet result in low productivity. If your fleet does not require frequent repairs until the following service time, this will save you time and can reduce operational costs, in the long run, allowing drivers to continue their work

Improving the Driver’s Performance

The tracking systems of vehicles enable us to understand the amount of fuel consumed by the car and its performance while running on different routes. Experts at Carefer Fleet can also assess the location of vehicles and discover the most appropriate roads to allow your fleet to increase productivity and help drivers benefit from their work time

Suppose you need support and assistance in managing the fleet to keep the efficiency of your vehicles for a longer period of time. In that case, we at Carefer Fleet have an outstanding team of experts who will contribute towards the improvement of your experience and who can provide you with the best advice. Contact us and ask for assistance

All you need to know about the management and maintenance of a fleet of vehicles

Maintaining your car requires effort and time to get the best price offers and access service providers who guarantee quality maintenance and repairs. You need to estimate the time, effort, and money spent on routine maintenance operations when managing a fleet of vehicles.

Tracking maintenance operations for many cars will undoubtedly drain too much of your time, energy, and resources. Therefore, we at Carefer Fleet have a new advanced whole system that manages a fleet of vehicles that detects a detailed account of all maintenance done on cars in your fleet and provide you with regular annual reports. The goal is to help you get the best out of your work and reduce your responsibilities,

No matter the size of your fleet and the variation in your operational and commercial needs, Carefer Fleet has the expertise that ensures the management of your fleet using professional technologies to keep your vehicles running on the road efficiently and to a high standard.

What is the management system of a fleet of vehicles?

The fleet of vehicles’ management system comprises an extensive and integrated system that focuses on managing and maintaining cars in your fleet to improve their competency and maintain high quality. This enables you to optimise the resources’ use, reduce operational costs, prevent any sudden breakdown of your vehicles, and avoid problems linked to abuse. All these will contribute to your cars’ long-life cycle and boost revenue and profits.

The fleet management system at Carefer Fleet has the advantage of connecting to a vast network of maintenance service providers. The system offers the ideal choice and the easiest way to access the best price for maintenance services. Besides, it allows you to compare various services to benefit from high quality services. More importantly, the system offers regular reports about your vehicles and services for your fleet.

By relying on this integrated system for the fleet of vehicles, you do not have to rely on data tables and manual reports. The system is designed to facilitate your work and reduce your burdens. The fleet supervisor can access the tools and information needed via the cloud services to provide us with data about cars and vehicles, such as scheduled times for maintenance, analysis tools, and the car’s logbook.

The fleet’s management system also includes data about the driver of a vehicle. It further calculates the costs of each car and notifies you of the expiry date of the contract as well as other services.

What are the advantages of managing a fleet of vehicles?

Carefer Fleet offers you many advantages that will improve your fleet’s performance and increase your vehicles’ efficiency. The most prominent advantages include the following:

Achieving the Maximum Benefit with the Least Cost

The overall management of a fleet by Carefer Fleet allows you to organise your fleet and achieve the maximum benefit from all your vehicles, mainly by being aware of all the flaws/faults in the test data. The data is meant to make the process easy for you, revealing all the necessary steps to maintain your cars to guarantee efficiency for the longest possible time. At Carefer Fleet, we ensure your vehicle runs on the road with high efficiency at the lowest cost.

Experts at Carefer Fleet also help you to pursue regular annual maintenance on all vehicles in your fleet, reducing the cost of fuel consumption. They mainly help you discover any fuel leakage areas that require replacement due to wear and tear. For instance, regular maintenance helps determine the malfunction of petrol/diesel filters and other problems that raise fuel consumption.

Based on our experience at Carefer Fleet, regular preventative maintenance of cars is the best way to reduce the general cost of repairs because it contributes to repairs of only minor problems before they accumulate, get worse, and become expensive to fix. Besides, the cost of maintenance and fuel consumption are the most costly in the management of a fleet. Thus, as soon as a fault occurs, you have no choice but to repair or replace the part immediately.

As you are constantly seeking to expand your scope? Being cautious about fuel spending is one solution that could double the budget for expanding your fleet and shifting to large-scale production.

Work Flexibility according to the Rules and Regulations

Like any other field, the field of management of the fleet requires following the legal rules and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tracking these details can drain your resources and consume much of your time. This gets more complicated with an increase in the size of your fleet. On the other hand, relying on other parties to manage the fleet requires completing some paperwork to ensure that the outsourced team finishes all the necessary tasks per the regulations set in Saudi Arabia.

At Carefer Fleet, we provide you with the management solution for your fleet by offering some analytical reports that give you a complete vision of how to run your work smoothly with flexibility based on the rules and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Providing the Latest Reports and Analyses

The reports that fleet supervisors at Carefer Fleet provide you include all the data related to the cars in your fleet. Through these reports, you can be aware of the following data:

  • Data board: This shows you a summary of all the cars according to their reports and drawings/charts.
  • Identifying the brand and model: This encompasses the registration number, the number of the chassis, information about the owner and registration card, and other information to identify each vehicle in the fleet quickly.
  • Maintenance of vehicles: This provides you with detailed data for all maintenance requirements for your cars, and the data include all types of maintenance: bodywork, paint, electrics, mechanical matters, spare parts, and air conditioning.
  • Searching and classifying the make of the car: This allows you to have a clear vision of the cost of each vehicle and a breakdown of all the expenses/costs of a particular vehicle or any specific service. This way, you can compare the types of costs using the tool for preparing reports to get a realistic estimate of the revenue of each vehicle to improve the investments of a fleet.
  • Preparing reports: The register will show you all the costs related to the fleet in a clear and detailed account.