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How do we work?

Carefer is a free interactive electronic platform that helps you get the nearest car maintenance workshop. Also, offers consulting and providing a service of receiving client's car to professionally maintain it, then the client receives it back for a small fee.

  • 01-Search

    Look for the nearest workshop to you

  • 02-Choose

    You can find the suitable workshop depending on workshops' details

  • 03-Go

    You can reach the workshop through GPS

Why Carefer?

It will be sad If your car crashes in a big city like Riyadh, do you know why? Because classic maintenance will make you confuse which workshop to choose or maybe you do not have enough time to go to the workshop, follow up their work and buying car parts. It is hard and exhausted, but Carefer made a covenant to change the concept of car maintenance forever. The maintenance will turn to an ordinary doing and not worth thinking of.

Carefer's screenshots