About Carefer

Carefer was founded in 2016 in Riyadh by CEO Abdull Majeed Almibred, Mujahed and, Omer Alturkey to provide a simple and efficient base for the vehicle maintenance industry. Elm’s investment in 2021 and signing strategic contracts with government and private companies such as Najm, Masarat, kuluna Amen and, others helped Carefer grow significantly. Carefer continued to expand and now covers 20 cities in Saudi Arabia with more than 1,700 maintenance services, repair shops and providers of spare parts and tow trucks.

Today, Carefer services hundreds of thousands of cars for individuals and businesses of all sizes through two systems: Carefer and Carefer Fleet. While Carefer helps with car maintenance, Carefer Fleet increases fleet maintenance efficiency and further improves vehicle maintenance with smart technologies and products.

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