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Carefer launches the first cloud car maintenance workshop in Saudi Arabia

As the first car maintenance model in the Middle East, “Careferr” launches the first  cloud-based car maintenance and repair workshop in the Kingdom.   Riyadh – Carefer Car Maintenance Solutions announced the launch of the first cloud- based workshop in Saudi Arabia (Carefer Cloud Workshop) in cooperation with the Cloud Workshops Company. That aims to provide […]

Jun 21, 2023


Carefer Closes Its 2nd Investment Round (Pre-Series A)

Carefer, the company specializing in digital solutions for vehicle care and maintenance services, announced the closing of its second investment round (Pre-Series A) with a value of 11 million Saudi Riyals, led by the Fund of Elm, a leading digital solutions company, with the participation of both the Merced Fund and the Sarh Fund. Carefer was […]

Feb 06, 2023

Fleet management

How to improve your fleet’s management process

Your fleet is your capital. Therefore, your interest in improving its management process to meet professional standards designed within the system positively impacts the running of a business, productivity, and revenue generation. This effect is further reflected in the performance of fleet personnel, from managers to employees like technicians and drivers. The impact also contributes […]

Feb 05, 2023

Fleet management

All you need to know about the management and maintenance of a fleet of vehicles

Maintaining your car requires effort and time to get the best price offers and access service providers who guarantee quality maintenance and repairs. You need to estimate the time, effort, and money spent on routine maintenance operations when managing a fleet of vehicles. Tracking maintenance operations for many cars will undoubtedly drain too much of […]

Jan 12, 2023